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The gods of Olympus sit atop their mighty thrones and rule over the mortals and spirits from behind a veil of mist. They create half human children and send them to a camp where they train and learn to dominate others. But what of the Spirits, the Daimons and their children? They are in this age permitted to attend this camp, but for what? To submit to the Olympians? No. This is wrong. The Daimons can protect their own. Join them in this new alliance a small and quiet rebellion against the laws of Olympus. Welcome to Camp Daimon! Join this fan fiction wiki and build characters and cabins with amazing powers! Build a camp for the more obscure entities of Greek mythology and follow quests relevant to them! I’m just starting off so I’d appreciate any help with designing this wiki and world!


I came up with the idea less than half an hour ago so it's still a bit shaky but like it says in the description this is a role play wiki for a camp very much like Rick Rioden's Camp Half Blood but for Daimons and minor gods only. In this world Camp Half Blood exists and characters may encounter people from Camp Half Blood but they are not seen in a good light. Camp Daimon is not at war with the other camp and it is possible that the lather has no knowledge of the former. Celestial Bronze, the material used for weapons at Camp Half Blood to kill monsters, won't be plentiful at this camp due to it being mined from Olympus. Instead most weapons will carry a blessing from a specific Daimon to give the ability to destroy monsters. Traditional weapons like swords,spears, hammer, etc. can be used, but so too can guns. However since only the bullets can be blessed they will be in relatively short supply.







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